четверг, 11 ноября 2010 г.

Why are forests and rainforests so important to humanity?

Forests and rainforests around the world are still disappearing at an alarming rate, and in general very little has been done to prevent deforestation in developing countries. World seems to be constantly forgetting how important forests and rainforests really are, and so rapid deforestation continues in many parts of the world.

Many people are not aware that forests play extremely important role in regulating climate, and because of their carbon-sinking ability they act as natural weapon against climate change. Currently, rainforests absorb around 20 percent of the total CO2 emissions every year, but sadly heavy deforestation is also releasing an extra 17 percent of CO2 emissions each year. Deforestation has really become large source of CO2 emissions, in fact it is the third biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions so it is really no wonder that many environmentalists describe deforestation as "one of the biggest threat to the global climate".

Deforestation is worst in Africa, Amazon, and Indonesia. For instance if current rates of deforestation are about to continue in Amazon in years to come, more than half of the Amazon rainforest will be lost in the next 25 years. The last thing world needs in fight against climate change is deforestation, what we really need is reforestation, and rich countries should really ensure funds for reforestation in poor countries.

Deforestation is taking heavy toll in Amazon rainforest. If current rates of deforestation continue in less than 25 years more than half of the Amazon rainforest will disappear.

Global climate deal looks to be couple of months away but still there are not enough talks about rainforests and forests protection. CO2 emissions that origin from deforestation are not negligent and should be really treated the same as industrial CO2 emissions. The solution for climate change is not only clean energy sector but also to stop deforestation and ensure funds for reforestation. Let me remind you that forests are not only nature's weapon against climate change, they also store water, regulate rainfall and not to mention how they provide a home to over half of the planet’s biodiversity.

By destroying rainforests and forests we are really heading towards one very bleak future - future in which humanity could pay extremely high price for not caring enough for our planet. The only question that remains to be answered is "how much of our abuse can our planet still take?"

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