суббота, 6 ноября 2010 г.

Talk is not enough to stop biodiversity loss

Many countries are doing a lot of talk when it comes to stopping huge biodiversity loss but very few of them are actually doing something to preserve rich biodiversity of our planet.

The famous Nagoya protocol was signed by 190 countries, and according to this protocol these countries have committed to increase the amount of land-based protected areas and national parks from 12.5% to 17% of the Earth's surface while also expanding marine protected areas to 10%.

Agreeing the protocol is one thing but actually doing something to stop biodiversity loss is completely different thing, and many countries have yet to come up with the funds needed to manage these bigger protected areas.

Current global efforts are definitely not enough to halt biodiversity loss because there are so many different environmental problems that make conservation efforts extremely difficult such as climate change, deforestation and different forms of pollution.

Biodiversity loss is not only doing huge environmental but also huge economic damage, and world is each year losing billions of dollars because of biodiversity loss.

Many people are still blind when it comes to seeing that biodiversity is key to all life on this planet, including ours. Biodiversity is all about interconnection between people, animal and plant species, and our way of life will cease to exist if the world fails to do something to halt biodiversity loss.

World leaders must turn their promises into real action and provide funds to protect the life on Earth. This is our moral duty because our planet must be able to sustain our future generations. If we continue our ignorance towards our environment what kind of legacy will this leave to our children and grandchildren?

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