четверг, 4 ноября 2010 г.

Is there something positive in today's ecology?

Ecological problems on one hand are more serious than ever before, especially climate change, while on the other hand there are lot more people that realize how important ecology really is. The main problem in the whole ecology story is the fact that things always have to become serious (sometimes even critical) before we take some action. It is like we think that luxury of time is always on our side, and that all solutions can be made at the very last moment. However, it is very difficult knowing this very last moment to take action, especially if we are talking about serious ecological problems.

What ecology would really need is the appropriate action as soon we spot some ecological problem. This way we would always be sure that time is really on our side, and we would not have to rely mostly on hope and luck, like we do today. This is very easy to say but very hard to do. It is because ecology is not as important as economy, and is very much depending upon economy and current political views. Scientist can give numerous warnings, offer irrefutable proofs and we still won't get anywhere without the political support. And politics is of course all about money and profit, things that ecology isn't often related to.

So what is the positive thing in today's ecology? Positive thing is definitely that number of people that are aware of ecological problems is showing constant increase, and there is lot of media attention that helps spreading the word. The negative thing is that politics still doesn't show enough interest to help ecology. Politicians are still more primarily oriented on talking, instead of really doing something. Like some fancy words and "honest" promises can solve everything. How many time how we heard words like: "It is our duty", "We must do our best", "We need to act", and how many times have we seen some real action?

The time has come for all of us to step out of the shadows of promises and miracles, and take matter into our own hands. We know what are the problems, and we even know the solutions. So all cards are in our hands. All we have to to is play them. Is this really so difficult?

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