суббота, 6 ноября 2010 г.

How can we help our planet?

Many scientists agree that from environmental point of view our planet is in big trouble because of many ecological problems that now look much bigger than ever before. If you ask average person what is the biggest environmental threat we are facing today it is very likely that this person will say climate change. Climate change problem looks to be indeed the biggest ecological problem because it presents great threat to our way of life. Majority agrees that if we don't do something about it our future generations will suffer because we fail to act. In this article I will leave beside the question whether we are really responsible for climate change or would climate change happen in any scenario, the main thing is that climate change is happening, and we simply have to do something to tackle it. Science is telling us that there are too much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that are making greenhouse effect much more powerful, which in the end results in increased average temperature on our planet and causes climate to change. If we accept this fact then we definitely have to ensure that we do not add even more impact to greenhouse effect by further emitting large CO2 emissions into the atmosphere since this could lead to a total environmental disaster in form of floods, hurricanes, droughts, and even some new diseases.

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