четверг, 11 ноября 2010 г.

Climate change issue shows how little we care about our planet

If there's one thing that clearly shows our lack of care and love for our planet then this is no doubt climate change issue. Despite the scientific warnings that climate change impact is approaching a tipping point where changes will become irreversible (eventually leading to disaster of gigantic proportions) world is still nowhere near agreeing on new climate deal, and world leaders are still more worried about industry and finance than our planet's health.

The latest reports suggest that political games and individual interests are still too big obstacle for one major global agreement such as new climate deal. Every country looks how to protect its own interests, and all of them seem to be blind when looking at the big picture. In these circumstances new (effective) climate deal is impossible, and Copenhagen may not turn to be the last huge blow when it comes to climate change deal like many environmentalists hoped it would be.

As long as there is such a discrepancy between agreements made by world leaders for reductions in emissions by 2050 needed for the world to be on a 2°C path and the comparatively weak targets pledged for 2020 we can forget about the effectiveness of new climate deal. The scientists have calculated that is we continue this current path we can expect a temperature increase of of 3.5°C by the end of this century, and such increase would cause a real disaster in many parts of our planet.

What can we expect from the next round of climate talks in Bonn? Given the current political situation we might as well forget some meaningful action on global level. The most recent political analysis suggests that leading politicians still believe that costs of significantly cutting emissions would hurt our industries too much. In other words world leaders still prefer to sacrifice our planet's health to keep industry happy. In world where everything is measured through money this really doesn't come as a big surprise. It just shows one sad reality we live in.

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